One on One Coaching with Johnny

Johnny has trained many people one on one like 7 year old who he taught how to remember the multiplication tables and Spanish. He also trained a business owner on how to remember client information, names/faces, and numbers. One of his best clients was an 82 year old man and Johnny taught him how to remember vocabulary, Spanish, numbers, names/faces, and more!

Johnny has personally used everything he teaches. He wants to make sure he can remember the information and develop the best way to remember it. He has used his techniques in school, business, and in his personal life. Anyone can do what he can but all it takes is getting guided by the best!
Johnny has made many mistakes while training and coming up with methods so you don't have to waste your time trying to figure it out. He spent thousands of hours practicing his skill and you get all of his experience and knowledge when you do one on one coaching!

For Professionals and Business
Do you want to have more success and business? Learn from one of the best memory experts on how to get the competitive advantage over your competitors by improving your memory. Earn more money, clients, business, and success by taking one on one coaching with Johnny. He will teach you how to:

  • Earn more referrals with building strong relationships with your clients by remembering their names and information about them
  • Remember all of your product information to show how knowledgeable you are and stand above the competition
  • Give amazing presentation by being able to remember all of your points.
  • Never be embarrassed again about forgetting an appointment
  • And Much More!

What are you waiting for! Get ahead of your competition and earn more success now! Scroll down to contact Johnny for a free consultation. 

For students
If you have a child or you are a student, the benefits you will get from improving your memory change the outlook on school. Have your child or you ever got stressed out from school? Not being able to remember all of the information for classes. Or it takes hours to study for classes?

When you get one on one coaching from Johnny, wasting time studying, getting stressed over school, and receiving bad grades will be a thing of the past! Also, your child or you will have an advantage over the rest of the students because in the time it takes them to study for one test, you would of finished studying for all of yours!

Johnny can help your child or you:

  • Get better grades and test scores which will help college, scholarships, and open opportunities 
  • Learn Foreign Languages quickly and retain them for longer 
  • Learn historical dates
  • Remember vocabulary
  • Reduce stress and anxiety from school
  • And So Much More!

There is now reason why school has to be hard, stressful, or time consuming. Your child or you would rather be doing other things with your time such as hanging out with friends, sports, clubs, community service, or anything you enjoy! Get one on one coaching now so when school starts back up, your child or you will kick school's butt! 

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  • We'll uncover hidden problems that are preventing you from improving your memory and making you forget
  • You'll leave the session with learning methods to remember daily information and you will be inspired by knowing you can have a better memory

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