Johnny Briones is a top memory expert, Grandmaster of Memory, and has appeared in two game shows: SuperBrain and SuperHuman.

He become the youngest American Grandmaster of Memory at the age of 19 years old during the World Memory Championship in 2013. In 2014, he broke the USA speed card record by memorizing a shuffled deck of cards in 60 seconds and in 2015, he broke the USA record of memorizing the most random words: 78 words in 5 minutes. He has competed in the following competitions:

  • USA Memory Championship
  • World Memory Championship
  • Extreme Memory Tournament (Memory League)
  • USA Open Memory Championship
  • Super Human
  • Super Brain
  • Memo Game  Memory Championship
  • International Memoriad Mind Olympics

Johnny was one of three Americans to represent the USA and compete in SuperBrain which is China's second biggest show with 200 million viewers. Also,  he competed in the FOX game show Superhuman where he performed flawlessly and impressed Kal Penn and Mike Tyson with his memory skill. 

Johnny's dream is to teach as many people as possible how to improve their memories so they can see how improving their memories can change their lives. He has taught people of any age and profession from a 4 year old learning Spanish to a 90 year old learning how to remember names. Johnny has helped thousands of people learn how to improve their memories from giving speeches, 1-one-1 coaching, and his memory programs.

He has given over 100 free speeches to schools, business groups, senior communities, Optimist clubs, Rotary clubs, and more because he believes everyone should have an opportunity to learn how to improve his/her memory. Johnny volunteered to go back to his old school for a school year and taught the middle schoolers how to improve their memories with memory techniques.


Johnny is on a mission to show the power of memory techniques, and how you can apply memory techniques to any type of information. He has applied memory techniques to a wide variety of information like all the bones in the human body, yoga position, music notes, recipes, and much more. No other memory experts or memory champions are testing and using memory techniques on a variety of information like Johnny. Check out the memory challenges Johnny has completed.

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