You need to improve and refine the basics techniques you learned so it is to use memory techniques. The videos below will show you ways you can improve on what you have learned. After you have gone through these videos, head over the the learning/application examples (Click Here To Go The Examples) so you can start learning information! If you want to learn all the techniques, how they work, and how to apply them, click here to check out my memory program.

Improving Memory Techniques #1: How to create good images

When you create images for information, you need to make sure you are creating images that will allow you to remember the original piece of information. This video will show you how.

Improving Memory Techniques #2: 3 Ways to improve imagination or creativity

Imagination is the most important thing when you use the techniques I teach you so you want to have the best imagination and creativity possible! You will learn how to tap into your imagination and creativity.

Improving Memory Techniques #3: How to Pick out good locations

Locations plays a huge role in being able to remember what you learned so you need to be able to pick out locations that are strong. Learn how to pick fantastic locations.


Improving Memory Techniques #4: 3 Ways To Improve your concentration

You need to concentrate on the images and stories you create for the information. Learn how to improve your concentration so this becomes easier!

Improving Memory Techniques #5: 3 quick tips to help you remember more information

You can remember more information by just doing these simple things. Memory techniques are really useful but if you just change some simple things, you can learn a lot more.

Improving Memory Techniques #6:Fun Memory Games - Connect the words

This fun game will help you improve your imagination!

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