Learn the basics to memory techniques and how to improve your memory in these short videos. By applying these basic principles and techniques, you will be able to learn information a lot faster and remember it a lot easier. After you watch these videos, go to the advance techniques (or click here) to learn how to improve on these basics. If you want to learn all there is to improving and learning any information, click here to check out my memory program. 

Memory Techniques #1 : Introduction to memory techniques and the power of Imagination

You will learn what memory techniques, also known as mnemonics, are, but you will also learn why the basic mnemonics most people use are not really effective. I will show you the Power imagination and how it can completely change your memory.

Memory techniques #2: Learn the role LOCATION plays in Memory Improvement

You will learn how location allows you to know exactly where you store information. You won't have to stress out about not being able to find information in your head!



Memory Techniques #3: Learn the role concentration plays in memory improvement

You might think concentration isn't that important when you learn and remember information. But just by concentrating, you will be able to learn and remember a lot more information.

Memory Techniques #4: What The Story Method is And How it Works

This simple but power method is used in a lot other techniques so fully understanding this techniques will help you out a lot. This method also shows how powerful stories are!

Memory Techniques #5: The Number Rhyme System

You will learn about a simple number system that will allow you to memorize and remember numbers.

Memory Techniques #6: Applying Number Systems

I want to show you how to apply the number rhyme system and how simple it is to actual memorize numbers. 

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