Johnny Briones is one of the best memory experts and the youngest American Grandmaster of Memory which he received at the World Memory Championship when he was only 19 years old. He also held the USA record in 2014 for memorizing a shuffled deck of cards in a mere 60 seconds. Just recently in May, he managed to break the USA record for memorizing the most random words in 5 minutes: 78 words in 5 minutes. He has developed one of the best memories!

Johnny's dream is not to have the best memory in the world or to break all the records. His dream is to help YOU and EVERYONE become more successful in business, school, and in life through having a better memory.

He goes around speaking and training many groups on how to improve their memory. He has spoken/trained: schools, senior communities, Optimist clubs, Rotary clubs, business groups, and much more! He speaks and trains people of all ages because anyone can benefit from learning how to improve their memory!

He has appeared on multiple news outlets: 7 news, 9 news, CCTV, Fox 31, Denver Post, Greeley Tribune, and American Profile. If you want to see the stories, go to the media page


Johnny has participated in multiple competitions including: The USA Memory Championship, The World Memory Championship, The USA Open Memory Championship, and The Memo Game Championship. He finished among the best in these competitions and pushed himself to do better at each competition. In 2013, He appeared in the Brain Games T.V. show by the Discovery Channel. Also this year, he was invited to China to appear on a game show called The Super Brain. This is China's second biggest show with 200 million viewers. 

Here is the video where Johnny broke the USA speed card record in 2014:

What Johnny can DO for YOU!

During these last few years, he's trained countless people and organizations on how to improve their memory. He has worked with:

  • Elementary/High  School Students
  • Senior Citizens
  • College Students
  • Small businesses
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • International Presidential Campaign

He can teach anyone the techniques he uses to have an incredible memory. A lot of the times the people he trains don't think they can improve their memory or don't think he can help them. But they are dead wrong! After his speech or the first lesson, he proves to them they can improve their memory and they are amazed by what they can do with their memory just after an hour! He can teach you techniques that allow you to:

  • Improve your memory to amazing extents.
  • Remember names and faces for networking and building relationships.
  • Learn foreign languages easily.
  • Save you time and money spent learning new material by remembering it for longer!
  • Have confidence when you give speeches or presentations without notes.
  • Save you from stress and anxiety from test taking and learning new material!
  • Remember entire books, poetry, and presentations.
  • And Much More!

To schedule the memory expert for your conference or convention, personal coaching, or have an inquires, visit the contact page. It will be a memorable experience! Check out some of the testimonials from some of the people Johnny has spoken to and trained!