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Don't you hate the feeling of forgetting information? You might forget to turn something in to your boss/teacher, forget an appointment, forget someone's name, or even forget why you went to the refrigerator. Whatever you forget, you feel frustrated and upset from spending hours trying to think about what you forgot.

But being forget is not your fault! You probably never learned how to remember information the correct way so you can learn more efficiently and effectively. You actually have a fantastic memory and all you need is someone to show you how to unlock your memory power. You cam to the right places because I can help you transform and improve your memory!

My Name is Johnny Briones. I am a Grandmaster of Memory and a top memory expert. I have learned how to improve my memory to amazing levels such as being able to memorize 27 names in 1 minute, recite entire poems from memory,  memorizing a deck of cards under 60 seconds, and more. But the best part to my memory is that anyone can learn how to have am amazing memory. I have taught senior citizens, business professionals, students, and everyone in between how to improve their memories. So I hope you are ready for me to help you get the best memory of your life!

Memory Expert

Johnny Briones is one the best memory experts and mental athletes. He has broken two USA records and has earned a title only a few can say they have. Meet one of the best!

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In this new blog, Johnny will talk about different memory tips you can use  and anything memory related. He will also explain ways to practice in order to get the best memory of your life!

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