I've had the amazing opportunity to teach memory improvement to senior citizens in over 60 plus speeches for many clubs, communities, and organizations such as Rotary Clubs, Optimist Clubs, Senior Living Centers, and much more! A lot of the seniors I speak to are skeptic but open to what I am going to teach them and think that it won't work for them. But on the other hand, a lot of the seniors are scared of losing their memory and wonder if they can do anything to improve their memory. So they welcome me with open arms!

The senior citizens are always amazed that they can actually improve their memory and what I teach them works! I can see this spark of confidence they get in their eyes when they learned the secrets to improving their memory. Honestly, the best part when I am teaching them is seeing this spark they get in their eyes!

I want to share with you some of the testimonials I received from some of the seniors I taught:

Johnny Briones was one of the best speakers our service coordinator group has had all year. His tips to improve memory skills were usable and easy. Our group started out skeptical and ended up laughing and feeling positive about our ability to improve our memories. The skills he teaches can be used to improve the memory of the seniors we serve. Johnny is an engaging and informative speaker who motivates the listener to believe in him or herself.

— Bonnie Good, Resident Service Coordinator and President Colorado Chapter AASC

"Johnny kept our group completely engaged with your combination of humor, information and training. You have my strong recommendation as a speaker and presenter.”

— Bill Scolari, Program Chair of Broomfield Rotary Club

Here is one of the nicest testimonies I have got from anyone and I want to share it with you! Click on the picture to enlarge it. Mr. Coke truly went out of his way to write this for me and I am grateful and touched by his kind words. This is why I go out and teach memory improvement to senior citizens because it helps them have a better life, and it shows them that they can do something about being forgetful.

I want to help out as many senior citizens as possible so if you are interested in having me speak or doing a workshop for a group of seniors, contact me at the email below so we can plan it out! I also can work one-on-one with seniors as well. Don't let the senior citizens you know miss out on improving their memory so contact me NOW!

Email me at: Jbrionesgmm@gmail.com