From your own experience, you know how frustrating, difficult, and time consuming being a student can be. Nowadays students have way more information to learn, and school is more competitive as well. For students to get into college, they need to have good grades but at the same time, they need to be doing sports, clubs, volunteering, and extracurricular activities. This is hard to do for students when they spend a huge amount of time studying for school. This is where I come in!

I have given speeches and done bootcamps where I teach students how to improve their memory so they can do better in school without studying all the time. Talking with students, I learned how they wished there was an easier way to get good grades in school but still have time to do what they want. This is why students are so eager to learn how to improve their memory.

Students who have used what I taught have had amazing results in school. Students have improved their grades from C'd and D's to A's and B's and have reduced their study time by more than half! They have also told me that they enjoy learning because what I taught them makes learning and remembering information fun. Some students have reduce the stress and anxiety they had in school which is just fantastic!

Here are some testimonials I want to share with you. Also here is a quick video of two testimonials from students I taught:

“Getting trained by Johnny Briones has been a remarkable experience. His memory lessons have improved the way I study and have changed my perspective on school. Johnny is a charismatic person that finds pleasure in helping others. Johnny is a charismatic guy who can make important lessons fun and very interesting. I look forward to my next lesson!”

— Vanessa Ramos, College Student

"I worked with Johnny and used what he taught me the night before my chemistry final. I don't know how but we managed to learn a semesters worth of Information in only 6 hours! What Johnny teaches really works!

— Brett Kovach, Petroleum Engineering Student

I know the challenges students face in school because I actually had a hard time in high school but learning how to improved my memory change school. I became student of the year and valedictorian. I want to help as many students as possible to learn how to improve their memory so school can be easier for them and so they don't have to stress out or study all the time.

If you work in a school, have a club of students, or know anybody who does, contact me right away so we can schedule a speech or a boot camp so your students can learn one of the best skills they could have in school! I also do one-on-one coaching with students which you can contact me about. Don't let the students you know miss out on getting better grades, tests scores, studying less, and having more free time so contact me NOW!