The Importance Of Numbers and Math - Interview With Matt Baron

How do you feel about numbers and math? Well most people don't like math/numbers and would rather learn or doing anything else! The truth is you can't hide from number/s math even if you tried your hardest because they are all around us: money, budgets, speed limits, time, dates, and much more!

Understanding numbers/math is really important and that is one of the many topics Matt Baron and I talked about in an interview. I met Matt at the World Mind Olympics in Las Vegas this year. Matt's skill is doing math in his head such as adding a string of numbers in a few seconds! It was pretty cool to see!

Matt was kind of enough to do an interview with me to talk about numbers/math and a whole range of topics. The interview is over an hour long so maybe you want to have it on in the background and listen to it. To learn more about Matt and numbers/math, you can go to his website:

Here are some main points from the interview:

1. You need to give value to numbers/math in order to start seeing how important they are. You can make a budget to track your spending. All you have to do is start small then over time you will see the importance of numbers/math.
2. Why people don't like or understand numbers/math usually starts when people are kids. As kids, they had problems understanding number/math but never got the help they need to understand the concepts. So the best time to show people the importance of numbers/math is when they are kids.
3. Everyone has more knowledge about one or more subjects than other people. So everyone has the ability to teach other people about a topic. (I know this isn't a numbers or math topic, but I found it very interesting and thought provoking!)

Hopefully you enjoyed the interview!