Memory Training: Memorizing Random Words

When it comes to training, I also try to push my memory to its limits. I know most of the time when I am pushing that I am going to mess up and miss a lot of information. Words are no exception!

The words event is my favorite event but also it is on of the hardest one because you never know what words you are going to get. Sometime they are small while other times they are long and you are not even sure if it is a word haha

Below is a video of me doing some memory training on words. Try to memorize as many words as possible in 1 minute. It looks a lot easier than it sounds!

When I am doing this event, I don't really have time to think what I want to picture for the word. I just use the first thing I think of when I see the word but I also have to worry about spelling because I need the right spelling.

I am going to keep you update on my memory training and how I improve my memory. I have to practice everyday in order to keep my mind sharp. What kind of information would you like to see me try to learn or memorize? I am always looking for a challenge!

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