How To Remember Where You Parked Your Car

I need to share this with you!

Now I know what you might be thinking, "Johnny, I would never forget where I parked my car! It is big and easy to see."

Well do I have news for you! It is possible to forget where you parked your car and this just happened to a friend named Brian this weekend. In a bit, you are going to learn a method on how to remember where you parked but first let me tell you what happened to Brian.

Brian had a birthday party to attend at a park in Denver, but he was in a rush getting there. Of course the parking around the park was full of people since it was great weather over the weekend.

Brian had to parked on the side of a street in a residential area. He then hurried to meet up with his friends. He spent a couple hours at the party then he decided to leave. This is where his mini heart attack happened...

He went down a residential block where he thought is car was but to his surprise it wasn't there! He thought maybe it was the next street over and just forgot so he went to the next street and didn't see his car.

He started to freak out because his car was nowhere to be found and he swore it was down one of those two streets! Brain thought someone stole his car, his car got towed, or something else happened to it.

A couple just got home so he went over and asked them if they saw his car. They said they were out all day and haven't seen his car. They said maybe he parked on another street down the street because the streets looked alike.

Brian decided he had nothing to lose so he went walking down the street he first went to but went to the next bloack. And can you guess what he found?

...HIS CAR! He told me he was never more relieved in his life haha

The Method To Remember Where You Parked Your Car

Now let's find out how to never have this happen to you because you may be in a rush and park in an area where everything looks similar wher you get lost.

When you park, look around you and find something that is unique in the area that probably wouldn't be in another place. It can be a house, weird sign, unique tree, or anything along these lines.

If you are in a parking structure and it is color coded, you would use the color as the unique thing. My friend said there was a pair of lion statues next to where he parked. So lets say for example the lion statues are the unique surroundings.

After you have your unique surrounding or item, you will make a story between the surrounding/item and your car. You do this because you are forging a connection between the two things so when you think of your car, you will think of the surrounding/item. The when you think of the surrounding/item, you will think of your car.

Say the lion statues are what you picked. Maybe the story you come with is the lion statues are dancing on top of my car and they are crushing my car! Now that is something hard to forget.

When you are leaving and want to remember where your car is, you think of your car then your story pops into your head. Oh yeah! There were these lion statues dancing on top of my car. Right, I parked next to some lion statues.

Try this method the next time you park so you can get use to it. This will help you avoid having a mini heart attack like my friend did!