Learn All The Planets In The Solar System With Memory Techniques!

How did you learn all the planets in the solar system? Well for starters, you probably learned that there was 9 planets! Sadly, there are only 8 planets because Pluto wasn’t good enough to be a planet anymore. Haha They way you most likely learned the planets was just repeating them over and over until they stuck. This was such a boring way to learn them! You might know all the planets, but this is a video you must watch to see how fun learning the planets could  of been!

You are going to following along as I describe a weird, crazy story you will remember in order to learn the 8 planets in the solar system. You might be confused on why I would picture these weird things but that’s that fun. Also, you get to see a little bit of what goes on in my mind! So sit back and enjoy the story.

Using memory techniques to learn information is so much fun. You can see how much fun and a good time I had learning the planets. You can apply all of these methods, techniques, and systems to any information out there.  If you want to learn all the methods, techniques, systems, and how you can apply them to all types of information, you can check out my memory program. I go through each one in great detail in order to make sure you understand it and know how to apply it. If you are ready to improve your memory, click here to see my program!