3 Ways To Improve Your Imagination And Creativity

If you have been using the memory techniques I've taught you, then you know your imagination really gets a work out! haha But maybe your imagination and creativity is not as developed that you would like it to be. Most people I teach have a hard time tapping into their imagination and creativity which results in stories and images that are not memorable. Well I am here to help you improve your imagination and creativity in 3 simple but effective ways.

Improving Imagination and Creativity

In the video below, you are going to learn the 3 ways, but you will also get to see inside my mind again! You will see some weird and crazy stories I create on the spot haha Have fun watching the video!

Make sure you are creating your images correctly when you change the information into an image. You can Click Here to watch my video where I explain how to create your images. Even if your imagination and creativity are fantastic, creating your images poorly can cause you to forget what you are learning!!