Fun Game To Improve Your Imagination And Creativity

When it comes to improving your imagination and creativity, it doesn't have to be boring! You can actually have a lot of fun. You know how important imagination is when improving your memory and using the memory techniques I teach you. I want to share with you a fun game you can play that will help you tap into your creativity and imagination.

Game: How Many Uses

This game is simple but really fun. You can pay this game by yourself or with friends. Watch the video below to learn how the game works. Enjoy!

You really need to tap into your creativity and imagination if you want to find a lot of uses. Maybe it will help you if you imagined yourself on a deserted island and you only have that one object! I bet you will find a lot more uses haha 

I want to give you some items that might challenge you. They are: water, sun, wig, and a single chip! I would love to hear some of the crazy uses you find for these items. There really isn't no right or wrong answer about finding a use for an object. I hope you have fun playing this game and unleash your imagination!