Don't Fall For FAKE Memory Improvement Claims!

Nowadays, people like a quick fix to everything in their lives like to losing weight, getting in a relationship, or making money. The truth is all of those claims are lies. Even when it comes to improving your memory, people are trying to sell you on a magic memory  pill or if you eat and do this, then your memory will improve. These claims are also fake and trick people all the time, but you need to be on the look out so you don't fall for them.

I talked about how these BIG websites say you can improve your memory by playing games which is not true at all. When it comes to improving your memory, you have to learn the correct way to learn information and store it. Yes, it does take work but it's worth it in the long run. If you want to run a 4 minute mile, there is no magic pill, food, or exercise you can take/do in order to run a 4 minute mile right away. It takes work.

Dr. Oz has said so many times on his show that this food or vitamin will help you improve your memory. But let me ask, how does the food or pill improve your memory? You take it then all of a sudden you can remember everything? It doesn't make sense at all. Now I saw a video saying exercise improves your memory.

We have the same issue here. If you are really fit, then you can remember information a lot better than people who are not in shape? How do they come up with these crazy ideas! I do agree that eating right and exercising help the health of the brain and body but doing those things alone won't help you improve your memory.

What I teach you in my videos and blog actually improves your memory! You learn the correct way to learn information and store it, but you have seen that it takes work to get used to. You need to practice in order to learn faster and create your systems. you do have to put in work at the beginning but after that you will be able to apply your new skill to any type of information.

I am not giving you a magic pill, food, exercise, or anything to improve your memory. If you hear or see anything that says you can improve your memory by pretty much doing nothing, like a pill, game, food, or even exercising, you know that it is a fake. Let these people take all of these magic pill but can they memorize a deck of cards faster than me? They probably couldn't even memorize a deck of cards. I just want you to be aware of these fake memory claims because I don't want you to waste your money, time, or energy on these thing!