Learning A New Skill: Juggling...The Journey Begins

Do you remember (haha remember) when I made a post and video about learning new skills with memory techniques? Well, I finally decided to learn a skill and I picked....Juggling! Juggling is something I always wanted to learn, but I rather not get hit in the head with objects. Every time I tried to juggle, I saw my life flash before my eyes! haha

The plan I have is to use memory techniques to learn the form or positions I need, but I might be making it to simple since I have no idea on how to juggle. Not even a little! If someone said juggle or get slap, my head will already be turn to get slapped! As I found out today, learning how to juggle will be a rough journey for me. Make sure to watch the video to see me fail at juggling! haha

If you know where I can learn how to juggle or have any helpful tips, PLEASE let me know so I don't hurt my face! Also if you don't know how to juggle, join me on this journey so we can talk about how our faces hurt haha

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