Don't Overload Locations With Images

The whole key to improving your memory is to change information into images, place them into a locations, and create stories. You might have pictured some weird and crazy images/stories in some of your locations! But let me ask you: How many images are you placing in a single location?

Technically, you can place as many images as you like in locations. 20, 50, or 100 images can be placed in a single location. You might think it would be effective and efficient to do so, but overloading a location can actually hurt you! I understand why you might think it is a good idea to place a lot of images in a location, but I want to share with you problems you can run into f you overload a location with images.

To summarize the problems:

1. You can miss images when you review because you have to many images to keep track of and you forget some during the review.
2. You can lose the order of the images in the location. This is a problem if the information you are learning has a specific order.

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