Memory Challenge #12: Learning Illnesses and Their Symptoms

When you get sick, you usually have some very obvious symptoms to your sickness. Have you every wonder what sickness you have based off your symptoms? Have you ever wanted to diagnose your illness?  If you are like me. then your answers to these questions are yes! When I get sick, I always think I have a super bad illness and don't think I can go on....but I always get better in a week and think, "Well, I was over dramatic when I was sick!"

This weeks challenge is to learn the symptoms of common illness so you are able to identify the illness based off the symptoms you are given. You never know when information comes in handy! Also let's be honest, when you know what illness you have, you feel a million times better. A word of warning: Some of the images of the illness might be disgusting!

Here is the site to for the illnesses and their symptoms:

Let me summarize on how you should be able to recall the information:

You should be given x, y, and z symptoms then from these symptoms alone, you should be able to name the illness that causes the symptoms.

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