The Memory Palace Method Makes It Easy To Store Info


Wouldn’t it be great to have locations already pre-made instead of making them on the spot? Well, the memory palace method does exactly that! You will also be able to keep exact order of any information you are learning by using a memory palace. When you learned the story method, you had to create a location based off whatever you’re learning.

For learning a list of words, you usually create a location based off the first word. It can get tiring at times because you always have to be creating locations here and there. But what if there was a way for you to have locations ahead of time? Well, there is! It’s called a memory palace, also known as a Roman room, journey method, and method of Loci. So what’s a memory palace? A memory palace is a series of locations in a specific order that you create ahead of time.

Take a moment and try to visual your all your rooms and items in your house. Mentally you walk through the house from the bathroom, to the kitchen, and to your bedroom. Can you see all the different rooms and items in your house? Well, that’s essentially what a memory palace is. All you really need to do from this point is to have specific items in your house representing different locations.


For example: you have a bathroom in your room. Now the bathroom could be location number one, and then your bed could be location number two, your closet number three, your bookcase number four, and so on. You continue to move throughout your house numbering locations. How does this work exactly? Say you have a memory palace with the locations being I your bathroom, your bed, your closet, and your bookcase. You have a list of four words to memorize: hot dog, cloud, pen, and car.

The first word is hot dog. You will place the hot dog in your first location since it is the first word. You picture your bathroom, the first location. Maybe when you turn on the water, you see a whole bunch of hot dogs flying out of the sink. Next, you move on to the second location. The second word is cloud with your bed as location two. You jump on your bed, and it feels like a cloud that is floating you to the ceiling. You continue the process until you memorized all the words. What makes a memory palace so powerful is that you know the exact order of all the items that you’re memorizing.

What was the first item in the list? Oh yeah, I went to the bathroom. I turned ton the sink then boom! All of these hot dogs came out. Hot dog was the first word in the list. Then the second location was my bed where I jumped on my bed that felt like a cloud and lifted me. The second word in the list is a cloud. You keep going until you mentally walked to all the locations.

A memory palace is fantastic because you have all these locations created ahead of time before you actually need them. Also, you keep the order of whatever information you’re learning if it needs to stay in order. Memory palaces play a key role in learning a lot of information so make sure you master it and create a stockpile of palaces!

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