Create Memory Systems | Memory Competitions #1

A brand new series where I give you memory tips for memory competitions just in case you are interested in competing one day! Even if you are not interested, these tips can still be useful for you to learn! Memory competitions take work but the amount of fun and experiences you will have is worth it!

You will be competing in many memory competitions so you need to be prepared for the different events which sometimes means creating memory systems. You will need a card, number, binary and maybe a abstract images system. You can create other systems for the other events, but these are usually the main ones.

Honestly depending on the systems, it may take a while because of how many images you will need to create. For example: A 3 digit system requires 1000 images! I know it’s crazy haha So you might to do a few images each day to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed. This will also allow you to really focus on the images you are creating because you don’t want to change your images later on.

The main reason you want to create your systems is so you can actually start training for the events! If you don’t have a system for cards, you can’t memorize cards. It’s that simple. You want to work on the systems as a top priority because half of the invents use some sort of system.

You only have to create you memory systems one time (unless you want to upgrade to a more complicated system haha) so you will be set for life. This is why you shouldn’t rush making your system because you might make weak images and have to recreate them later. Do it right the first time and save yourself time!

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