Sloth Attacking Your Friend | Story Time #2

It's time for another story. You are in your kitchen and there is this big crust on the table . The crust is the size of the table! You look at the end of the table shocked to see a stranger eating the crust. As the stranger eats the crust, he get's fatter and fatter. Your friend comes from out of the table and sees this wallet full of money the stranger has.

Walking over quietly, your friend steals the money and starts to run out the door. Your face is in horror because how could your friend do that! As your friend goes out the door, he is clothes lined by a big sloth! But your friend falls on the sloth's foot, and the sloth gets super angry.

The sloth is tossing everything over and breaking all the furniture. Losing his mind out of anger, the sloth jumps out the window but lands in a cart of jelly. The cart of jelly starts to move because it is actually a ride! The ride takes off and you never see the sloth again...

What in the work can this story represent!? You saw crust on the table. Crust sounds like lust. LUST is the first deadly sin! This story is the deadly sins. Then a person ate the crust and got fatter and fatter. Getting fatter is gluttony. GLUTTONY. Your friend steals the wallet of the stranger. Stealing money is greed. GREED.

You friend got clothes lined by a sloth. A sloth is sloth. SLOTH. Your friend lands on the sloth's foot which makes the sloth angry. Angry is wrath. WRATH. The slot jumps out the window and lands in jelly. Jelly sounds like jealousy. ENVY. Then the cart of jelly is a ride. Ride sounds like pride. PRIDE is the last sin. You now know the 7 deadly sins!

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