Difference Between Concrete Words (Ideas) And Abstract Words (Ideas)

You might notice some words/ideas are easier to memorize and learn, but there is a reason for that. It is important to know the difference between abstract and concrete when it comes to using memory techniques!

Let’s say you have the word cat. You probably think of a cat you know. Same thing for chair, bed, house, or table. A concrete word naturally has an image attached to it. So you don’t have to think of an image to remember the word because it is given to you.

On the other hand, an abstract word has no natural imaged attached to it. Take the word contemplate. There is not an imaged attached to the word so you have to create on in order to memorize the word. Abstract words take more time to create an image for.

This idea I am talking about can be expanded to concrete ideas and abstract ideas. If you are able to see and touch the idea, then it is a concrete idea. But if you can’t see or touch it, then the idea is abstract. You have to put more effort into changing the abstract idea into an concrete idea you can understand.

You need to practice memorizing abstract words because it will help you memorize and learn abstract ideas. Most of the information you will learn will be abstract in some way. There are only two types of information: concrete and abstract!

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