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Find Your Learning Style

You might be learning information in a way that is not best suited for you. This is a big problem because you might start to get bored and not even pay attention to what you are learning. I got a great insight about learning when I was teaching the middle schoolers. I want to share this insight with you to help you learn more effectively and efficiently! 

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Focus On Your Weaker Classes

Let's be honest: You probably have a class or classes you are not the best at. How much time do you devote to that class? If you are like me... you tried to put as little as time as possible towards your weak classes! You are going to learn why you have to put more time in your weaker classes than your stronger classes. This week's idea can be applied beyond school and every area of your life! 

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Test Your Knowledge With Practice Problems/Examples

If you think you can just learn the material from a book and understand the material, you are dead wrong! You have only see the material presented in one way (from the book). Chances are you will be tested on the material in school or at a job in a way different then the book. How do you prepare for that then? Practice problems/examples. These are the key to helping you know if you understand the material or not.

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