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Memory Challenge #15 Completed: Recalling The Main 15 Constellations

This week's memory challenge was really fun and challenging to do! The reason it was challenging is because I had to take into consideration that the constellations might be in different positions compared to where I am. But I am fairly confident I will be able to find the constellations or name the constellations if I see them in the sky! Get ready to hear some of my weird stories I created!

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Memory Challenge #15: Memorizing Constellations

This week's memory challenge is out of this word! haha Have you ever heard of constellations? If you haven't, constellations are the position of stars that are suppose to resemble an object or person. Have you ever looked into the sky on a clear night? There are so many stars! I couldn't find any of the constellations to save my life! Well after this challenge, you will know exactly what you are looking for.

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