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Learning And Passing The MCAT: My MCAT Score

The MCAT was one of the hardest test I have even taken especially since I didn't know about 90% of the information on the test! I wasn't expecting to do great on the MCAT, but my score was horrible haha I have never been so confused for 5 hours! I need to take the test initially to know where I currently stand, and now I need to go through the book and learn all the information! Learn about the score I got and get a recap of what happened.

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The MCAT Is...Back!

I am now ready to learn all the material in order to pass the MCAT! I don't  plan to be a medical student or a student in college at all. I want to see if I can pass the MCAT with only using memory techniques and my current knowledge. I want to share with you the journey/progress as I go through the material. This is something no one has done who isn't going to the medical field. But I have to start at square one...

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Memory Challenge #12 Completed: Recalling Illnesses and Their Symptoms

Doing this week's memory challenge, I have a new found respect for anyone who is in the medical field. They have so much information to remember, but they what they also need to be able to do and how they use the information is crazy! This is just the start of my journey of learning medical information and who knows maybe I will get to use it one day!

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