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Memory Competition Questions #1: Why Should I Compete In Memory Competitions?

A lot of people who want to get into memory competitions have a lot of questions. I want to help people out so I am going to answer the questions to help people get a better idea about memory competitions. Also, I hope people join in on memory competitions because they are awesome! The first question people ask is: Why Should I Compete In Memory Competitions?

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Memory Interview: Johannes Mallow - Number 1 Ranked Mental Athlete and World Memory Champion

For my next interview, I talk with Johannes Mallow who is one of the most amazing mental athletes to ever compete in memory competitions. He is a World Memory Champion, the top ranked mental athlete in the world, and he was the first ever to score over 10,000 points in a competition. But the most amazing part of the interview is when Johannes talks about how memory competitions saved his life. You don't want to miss out on hearing his story! You will see how much bigger memory improvement is than just being able to memorize a deck of cards.

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