Chapter 2: Entering My Prison

In chapter 1, I was constantly sick every day before school because I wanted to get straight A’s and had this pressure on myself to do well for myself and my mom. This is how I got there.

For the most part, in middle school I guess you could say I was a uh… slacker. BUT I wasn’t a bad student in any sense. I didn’t go around beating people up or skip homework.

The crazy thing was I kind of did the amount of work I needed to do to get by but by some miracle I managed to get A’s in my classes. Could you blame me for taking it easy? I was just a child!

I somehow managed to get all A’s throughout middle school which amazed me! Now it was time to start my new journey in high school. But hey, I got all A’s in middle school so high school should be just as easy…

I was wrong!

My high school was a little different. It started at 8th grade and it was a preparatory school as well. This should have been a sign of what was to come!

The first day of high school was something else. The syllabuses showed right away that the classes were going to have a lot of school work like projects, homework, papers, and more.

This is where it all started…

Every single class had so much homework and studying I had to do each day. Stress and pressure started to build because it was a lot harder to get straight in high school than it was in middle school.

I already had straight A’s in my education career so I wanted to continue it as well in high school. This is where getting A’s mattered the most and I couldn’t let down my family by getting anything else but an A.

I started spending so much time studying and doing homework in order to keep my grades an A. But there was so much information to learn and remember. It was overwhelming and stressing me out like no other.

The only way I could deal with this problem was to study more and more so I could remember everything which only made me more worried and stressed about school.

I finally got through 8th grade and was glad I was done with it. But it was only the beginning…

My 9th grade year went the same way as 8th grade but only more difficult. I was even more stress and pressured than I thought possible! There was no good news about 10th grade…

I hit a wall. At the time, I thought there was nothing I could do to learn and remember information faster or for longer. All I could do was just study more, stress out, feel pressured, and be sick.

When you hit a wall, you just think all is lost and nothing can be done to overcome the wall. But successful people find a way to get over the wall and get what they want but it usually comes at the price of figuring out everything themselves. Spending huge amounts of time and money to overcome the wall.

I want to help you overcome any wall you face when it comes to improving your memory. But how did I managed to overcome the wall I faced in high school that completely changed my life?

Stay tuned for the Last Chapter: Becoming Free

Prosperous Regards,
Johnny Briones