How To Remember Vocabulary

How many times have this happened to you: You are reading something then you come across a word that you don't know so you look it up. You tell yourself you got it then you go back and continue reading. The word you just looked up comes up again and you have no idea what it means even though you just looked it up!

That is pretty annoying isn't it?

Watch this video below where I explain how to remember vocabulary so you don't ever need to look up a word again! Enjoy!

How did you like that video? Can you tell me what Aloof means? I know what I told you to do is weird and crazy but it works!

To sum up what you have to do: 1) Create an image for the word 2) Create an image for the definition 3) Create a fun, crazy story with the two images

I would love to hear about any stories you made for some words!

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