How To Have A Memory Like Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is the most known detective out there. On the recent show on BBC, Sherlock uses a mind palace (journey method) to help him remember information and help solve the crimes. You will now learn this method!

You might not be solving crimes but you can use the journey method to help you remember information and know exactly where it is. Just think what you can learn with this new learned method!

You memorize the layout of your house and you place information in the locations. Quick! Look around you and come up with five locations. Maybe you got: bed, dresser, TV, Closest, and doorway.

So what you do is place the piece of information in the location. For example, the #1 item is a cow so you would see a cow eating your bed. And you will continue to place the items in the corresponding locations.

That is the journey method. It is very simple but very powerful. What can you do with this method?

Check out this video:

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