How To Beat The Simon Game!

Let's have some fun with your memory! In the video below you will the method for you to beat the Simon game. This simple game is a good test of your memory and you will beat anyone you play with.

If you just try to repeat the colors over and over, you will only last so long because you will get confused if it was red, red, green or green, red, green. After you watch the video, you will become the next Simon champion if that is a thing!


Check out this fun video:

How did you like the pictures? I am a talented artist hahaha

To recap the method you will use to beat Simon: First, change the colors into images. Then create a story out of the colors you see and keep adding to the story as each new color shows.

I would love to see what kind of score you can get. Leave a comment or make a video response telling me your score. I am going to post a video where I attempt to go as far as I can go. Be on the look out for that!

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