Hi there!

If you don't know already my name is Johnny Briones. Memory expert and Grandmaster of Memory. You can go to my about page for more info on me.

In this blog I will be sharing tips on improving your memory, expanding on ideas on the keys I use for a better memory, share ways to apply the memory techniques I use to all sorts of information, the sort of memory training  I do for competitions, and much more!

I would love to hear what you are having problems with remembering or learning.  I have memorized so many things you would have never thought possible. I have memorized numbers, cards, random words, and so on but those aren't even the crazy and weird things I memorize!

I went to China for a game show where I had to memorize 100 cow patterns! Yeah cow patterns. Have you ever spent three weeks of your life memorizing cow patterns? I think not! I have also gone into a grocery store and just memorized the items on the shelves.

Why? For FUN!

I have put thousands of hours into my memory training and have become one of the best. I practice what I preach. So I hope you are ready to get the best memory of your life!

P.S. Sign up for the free report and video on how to remember names so you can get an idea on what goes on in my mind! Also, I will keep you updated on the blogs.

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