Power of Imagination!

How powerful is our imagination? Just look around you and everything you see is because of someone's imagination!

Have you ever used GPS to find where you were going or got lost so you had to use GPS to get home?

Well GPS only exists because of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity which says the faster you go, the more time slows down. But Einstein didn't think of this theory using complicated math or science. It actually had nothing to do with science or math at all!

Einstein came up with his theory by imagining what it would be like to race along side a beam of light! One of the most important discoveries in the world came from imagination. But imagination also plays an important role in developing a better memory!

Say if you have the words laptop and tree what story would you create? Some people may say oh I see a a laptop falling out of a tree. Now that's not a really exciting story right? You would expect something like that to happen. But no, no, no! You want to image stuff you never expect to happen. Here is what I would see:

I would see a laptop with a chainsaw trying to chop down this tree, but the tree is tossing beehives at the laptop. Then the laptop is getting chased by a whole bunch of bees and runs of screaming like a child!

Now that is some craziness and imagination tight there! But people have a hard time using their imagination and creativity. So I am going to give you some tips on how to improve your imagination.

First, write a story. Yeah that simple but you want to write whatever comes into you mind. Forget about spelling words correctly and punctuation. You just want to mind dump everything in your story. Don't even think about what you are trying to write because you will try to force the story. After go through and just see how weird your story is! This is a fun way to practice using your imagination and if you do this for a while, over time your imagination will be that much better! Also, you won't have to think as much when you are changing the information into a picture.

A second way to practice is watching a show called Adventure Time. You may or may not of heard about it but believe me it is amazing! The show absolutely makes no sense. Like at all. But what happens in the show is so memorable because you would never expect to see things like that or expect that to happen. I highly recommend looking up this show and watching it just to show what imagnination looks like!

The last tip I have for you is this: get two words and make a story out of them. Then I want you to make the story even crazy than before. And then do this one more time! So you will make this story crazier three times (you can do more if you want). The purpose here is that you may think your story is crazy the first time like a polar bear juggling cars. But when you try to make the story crazier, you see that your first story really wasn't that crazy. So when you make it crazier the second time, the story gets better. Maybe the polar is juggling cars over a fiery volcano. Then when you do this the last time, you should have the craziest story you can think of. The polar bear is juggling cars over a volcano while trying to dodge tacos.

You want to practice these tips because you eventually want to get to the point where your first story is the craziest and the best. Just practice and you will have the best imagination in no time.

You can just see the power of the imagination and who knows, you may use your imagination to create the best invention ever! 

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