The Secret Truth About Brain/Memory Games

Have you heard about these brain/memory games that are supposed to improve your memory? The companies want you to believe you can improve your memory by playing their games.

Have you tried out some of these games? If so, do you think your memory has improved?

Well if you are playing these games to improve your memory… STOP! Because they don’t work! Duh duh ddduuhhhh!

Initially looking at these memory/brain games they seem like they would improve your memory. But I am going to reveal how they actually don't improve your memory.  So get ready!

There are many "memory improvement websites" out there with the biggest being Lumosity. These websites design their games to be more fun then actually memory improvement. Let's take one of these memory games as an example.

The picture above is of a "memory game" where you have to remember the position of the flashing squares. You first start off with a small grid and as you advance to the next levels, the grid gets bigger.

If you are advancing to the next level and remembering more flashing squares, you would think your memory is improving right? BUT let me ask you a question...

In your life, have you ever had to remember flashing squares?

Seriously! Have you ever had to learn or remember the positions of flashing squares? I know I never had to! But this is just the start to showing how these games don't improve your memory at all.

Let me also ask you: How would you apply your "improved memory" of remembering flashing squares to some useful information such as languages or vocabulary?

Think about for a second. How do remembering flashing squares translate into you remembering names, speeches, historical dates, concepts, appointments, and so on? The truth is it doesn't!

And it is not just this one game that has this big flaw. Almost all of these games are like this and don’t even come close to improving your memory. When it comes to improving your memory, what do you think you should be able to remember?

Personally, I would think I should be able to remember all types of information and not just one type of information. These games only allow you to "improve your memory" on that specific game and you can't apply the "skill" any where else.

Sadly, these games are just an illusion promoted by these companies so they can just make money. I don’t want you to be fooled or tricked by these websites that clam to improve your memory with these games.

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Share this blog post with others to help them beware of these brain/memory games! Also I would like to hear what you think about these games. Just leave a comment below!

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