How To Be More Productive: 60/60/30 Strategy

When you are learning new material, how long do you find yourself studying for? Do you find yourself distracted easily or procrastinating on what you are suppose to be doing?

I am guilty of getting distracted easily... I am not afraid to admit it! I totally understand that studying or working on stuff can get boring so it's easy to jump to something else that is more interesting and fun.

BUT NOW you are going to learn a strategy on how to study/work that will make you more productive and efficient! Doesn't that sound awesome!?!

When you are working or studying, do you spend hours trying to get everything done without taking a break? If so, that is a horrible way to work/study because you mentally burn out faster, and you just don't care anymore after so many hours.

I used to study this way a lot in school, but it made for long nights and a horrible time, believe me! You can probably relate to this. The new strategy you are going to use to help make you more productive is: The 60/60/30 Strategy!

The 60/60/30 Strategy

The idea behind this strategy is breaking your study/work time into sections of time so you can avoid burning out and getting distracted.This is how you are going to break down your time:

You are first going to set a timer for 60 minutes. For these 60 minutes, you will only focus on the task at hand. You will put everything else away. Close all the other internet tabs,  stop watching videos, silence your phone, and anything else that can distract you.

After the 60 minutes, you will take a 15 minute break. You can do whatever you want during this break. The point of the break is to take your mind off whatever you are working on.

You will set the timer again for 60 minutes and make sure you put everything else away. After these 60 minutes are up, you are going to take a 30 minute break where you can do whatever you want.

You will repeat the process depending on how much you have to study or work on. 60 minutes time segments are long enough to get work done but won't burn you out. Plus, you have breaks to cool-down and do things you like.

Also, when you have more beginnings and endings to your studying, you actually remember more information. It's a win-win! Try the 60/60/30 strategy next time you are studying or working on something.

You will be amazed by how much you get done! 

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