Memory Challenge #1 Completed: Memorized The Book of Philemon From The Bible

The first week's memory challenge was a tough one! I always wanted to memorize verses of the bible to see how it would work out, but I never got to it until this challenge. I might have made this challenge a little harder for myself due to the version of the Bible I used.

Hopefully you always attempted this challenge as well! These challenges are all about pushing your limits and testing your memory. I want to prove to you that I actually memorized the book of Philemon so I made a video of me recalling it. Check it out below:

It feels pretty good to learn something you think will be hard or take too long to learn. I managed to learn the book of Philemon in an hour or so. I am always exited to learn new things and see what my memory can take!

Let me know if you have any ideas on any memory challenges we can do!

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