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Learning How To Code With Memory Techniques

Imagine forgetting to place a comma and as a result a whole computer program didn't work. Well... welcome to the world of coding! It takes a lot of writing and coding in order for websites, apps, and programs to work. I have decided to learn how to code and see if memory techniques can help me learn to code a lot faster! I coded once and it was super frustrating when you forgot a comma and the program didn't work, but also you have a lot of commands and structures to remember. Let's see if memory techniques can save me!

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Memory Challenge #9: Learning All The Countries In The European Union

It's time for a new weekly memory challenge! This week's challenge is to learn all of the countries in the European Union. Sounds easy? Well not so fast because you are going need to remember three different parts! This challenge involves numbers, words, and geography. We are stepping up our game now! Get more details in the video below:

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