How To Memorize The Taxonomic Classifications

When people think of biology, so many people think, "Oh No! Not memorization!!" I on the other hand say, "Bring it on!" There is so much information you have to learn in biology and one of the basic ideas everyone learns is the diversity of life.

There are so many different types of life that they created a system to categorize all the life on earth. The name of this system is: The Taxonomic Classifications. This is one topic you will run into if you are studying biology so let's learn the taxonomic classifications in a fun way using memory techniques!

All you have to do is watch and following the video below and by the end of the video, you will know all the levels to the taxonomic classifications! Enjoy!

I highly recommend you watch the video to hear the crazy story! But if you don't, here are the images I used in the video for the different levels. All You have to do is pick a location for the setting and create a story out of the following images:

Domain - Main (Lion)
Kingdom - King (Crown)
Phylum - File Them (File Cabinet)
Class - Grass
Order - Court (Gavel)
Family - Family
Genus - Genius (Einstein)
Species - Feces (Poop)

If you created your own crazy and fun story, let me know what you cam up with! I would love to read it!

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