Weekly Memory Challenge #8: Memorize The 20 Most Famous Paintings Of All Time

This weeks challenge is something else. Have you ever looked at a painting and wonder who made it? Chances are you looked up the painting to see what the painting's name is and who made it. BUT a day or week later you see the painting and you can't remember anything about the painting!

The challenge for this week is going to push your memory so you can learn any painting, know who made it, and what the painting's title is! Check out the video below for the details:

Here is the link to the site with the paintings: http://www.madisonartshop.com/20-most-famous-paintings-of-all-time.html

I want to show you what the idea is behind this week's challenge. Say you are given the following painting:

You are suppose to look at the painting and know the paintings name and the person who made it. Just think how cool it would be and impressive if you can see a painting and tell someone who made it and the title of the painting!

Good luck on this week's memory challenge!