How To Memorize A Country's Geography

If I were to give you random countries' names, would you be able to identify them on a map? Chances are probably not but that's okay because almost everyone wouldn't have an idea! You can see why it would be hard to remember a country and its land mass because a lot of land masses look random blogs. But after you learn the method below, you will be a geography master!

Here is a quick summary of the method:

1. Change the country's name into an image (Iceland - Ice Cube)
2. Change the country's land mass into and image (Ghost - watch the video to see how Iceland looks.
3. Connect the images in a story and place them in a location based off the images or country
Story: A ghost was riding an ice cube in a haunted house and crashed into the wall breaking the ice cube into a million of pieces.

Geography doesn't have to be hard to learn! Get a map and try out this method!

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