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Memory Challenge #9: Learning All The Countries In The European Union

It's time for a new weekly memory challenge! This week's challenge is to learn all of the countries in the European Union. Sounds easy? Well not so fast because you are going need to remember three different parts! This challenge involves numbers, words, and geography. We are stepping up our game now! Get more details in the video below:

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How To Memorize A Country's Geography

If I were to give you random countries' names, would you be able to identify them on a map? Chances are probably not but that's okay because almost everyone wouldn't have an idea! You can see why it would be hard to remember a country and its land mass because a lot of land masses look random blogs. But after you learn the method below, you will be a geography master!

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Memory Challenge: Memorizing The Flags Of The World

I am giving myself another memory challenge to really test and push my memory to the limit! I have shown how easy it is to learn the countries and their geographic locations but what is next? To memorize the flags of the world! This will be a challenge because of all the different flags out there then being able to connect the flag to the respective country. I talk more about this challenge in the video below.

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