Improving The Memories of Senior Citizens

I love teaching and speaking to people about how to improve their memories. It gives me a chance to show people that they actually have a fantastic memory, and they can remember anything with great ease. People are amazed by what their memories can do, and the benefits they get from having a better memory. But there is one group of people where learning to improve their memory is so important and completely changes their lives. The group is senior citizens.

Senior Citizens’ Biggest Fear

Before I talk to or speak to senior citizens, they always come up to me and tell me, “We are so excited to learn how to improve their memory because we are scared of becoming forgetful and losing our memories." They also tell me, “When we forget where we placed our keys or forget someone’s name, we think the worse of the worse. Uh oh… am I becoming forgetful? Am I getting Alzheimer’s?”

I can’t even imagine how that feels because on the news, we always hear about Alzheimer’s, so I can see how if you are older and forget something, you might think you are becoming forgetful. I still forget things time to time (I know I shouldn’t!), but I don’t automatically think that I am getting Alzheimer’s. Being worried and fearful of becoming forgetful is something I wished no senior citizen or person had to deal with. But I am doing everything I can to help change the lives of senior citizens.

Memory Presentation To Senior Citizens

I want to share with you some video of a presentation I gave to a senior center.  The room was packed full and it was an amazing experience. Make sure you watch until the end because you will see why I love teaching people how to improve their memories and how grateful the audience members are!

Changing the Lives of Senior Citizens

A lot of clubs, organizations, and senior centers call me up asking if I can give a memory improvement speech/presentation for them. I always jump on these opportunities because I have the chance to change the lives of senior citizens. When I give my speech/presentation, It is absolutely an incredible experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

When I get in front of my audience, I know a lot of them are excited but skeptic because they have this young man with an amazing memory who is going to teach them how to improve their memory. I know some thoughts going on in their head are, “This young man has a good memory because he’s young! I don’t think my memory can be like his.” Some people have told me this is what they thought before I gave my presentation/speech. This only makes me more eager and excited!

The best part is when I am teaching senior citizens and see the look in their eyes that they CAN improve their memories! Then they start to ask me all sorts of questions about how to remember this, why does this work, and more. After the speech/presentation, they come up to me and thank me for coming and sharing with them how to improve their memories. The feeling is so fantastic because I know I helped change the lives of these senior citizens and alleviate some of their fears.

I show them they don’t have to be forgetful anymore, but they have the power to do something about it! Knowing that I helped them get confidence back into their memory and themselves and their kindness is why I love teaching people how to improve their memory!