Learn The 13 Original Colonies Of The USA Quickly

In this blog post, you will learn all of the 13 original colonies of the USA in the order they were founded, but you will do it in a fun way! I made a video below that will take you through the exact process to learn all of the 13 colonies, and I had a blast doing the video. I came up with weird, crazy stories to remember the colonies that you will enjoy. Watch the video and get ready to learn the 13 original colonies!

You can see by using memory techniques/mnemonics how much easier and fun learning information is. Also, you might have thought it was going to be harder to learn the 13 colonies because you were going to learn them in the order they were founded, but you saw how the order was built into the way you learned it. The locations gave you the order the colonies were founded.

But you could have learned this information by just a story. I made a video explaining how this method works. Click Here To Watch The Video! When it comes to memory techniques, you have a lot of options on how you want to learn the information. Pick the way that works best for you!

You have seen the power of these memory techniques and what they can accomplish for you. If you are interested in learning all of the techniques, methods and system, you can check out my memory program where you will learn all the techniques, methods, and systems. You will learn everything about improving your memory. Click Here To Check The Program Out!

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