It Takes 15 Minutes A Day To Improve Your Memory: Memorizing Names Day 1

People think you have to put in a lot of time with memory techniques in order to improve your memory. How else can someone remember 27 names in 1 minute or learn the whole periodic table of elements in 30 minutes? But the truth is if you just practiced 15 minutes a day, you would still improve your memory drastically. I want to prove this to you so I am starting on a journey that will last 28 days...

I did so BAD on my first run of international names. I forgot how weird and hard they are to spell. I also need to decided on what names I am willing to skip becuase I waste too much time thinking, "Should I skip this one? Nah, I will memorize it...Forget it! It's too difficult." This happens more than it should!

I just need to sty focus on the names and make sure when I review that I am paying close attention to the spelling of the names. It's no wonder why I have only done this event one time in a memory competition. Day 1 is suppose to suck so let's see if I improve!

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