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The Difference Between Memorizing And Understanding

If you think you can just memorize everything and be just fine, you are in for a rude awakening! Memorizing is fantastic and helps you learn information but without understanding the material, you have absolutely nothing. When people learn about memory techniques, they want to memorize every single piece of information because they think memorizing the information is good enough. But memorizing information is completely different than understanding information.

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It Takes 15 Minutes A Day To Improve Your Memory: Memorizing Names Day 1

People think you have to put in a lot of time with memory techniques in order to improve your memory. How else can someone remember 27 names in 1 minute or learn the whole periodic table of elements in 30 minutes? But the truth is if you just practiced 15 minutes a day, you would still improve your memory drastically. I want to prove this to you so I am starting on a journey that will last 28 days...

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