Practice Memory Techniques With USELESS Information

When people first learn about memory techniques, they want to jump right in and learn everything like all the presidents, the periodic table of elements, all these books, and languages. Memory techniques are going to unlock a new world of learning for you, but you shouldn’t just jump in because let’s say you’re trying to learn a language.

This is the first time using memory techniques, and so what’s going to happen is you’re gonna run into problems when using memory techniques. Running into problems is part of learning any new skill. Since you never used memory techniques before, you don’t know what solutions to apply in order to overcome the problems.

Instead of learning the language, you’re spending most of your time trying to figure out solutions to your problems. This is really a momentum killer. It makes you so sad and disheartened because you think, “These memory techniques were suppose to make learning easier. Here I am trying to learn a language and I’ve run into all these problems. I guess memory techniques just don’t work.” I made a blog post explaining why you need to believe in memory techniques. How do you avoid the mistake of jumping right in and running into all sorts of problems?

You need to practice memory techniques on useless information. Yes, useless information! It may seem like a waste of time that you’re trying to memorize useless information, but there’s nothing to lose there because it’s useless, right? If you have useless information and you mess up on it, hey, there’s no harm there because the useless information is set up, so you’re able to learn any solutions to problems you might run into. The idea is to find the problem when practicing with useless information.

You keep practicing with useless information until you are confident in the memory techniques and your ability to use memory techniques. At this point, you start to learn useful information like languages, speeches, books, terminology, science concepts, or whatever you want to learn. You shouldn’t be having any problems that you’ve been working on with useless information, but you might run into a problem specifically dealing with the type of information you are learning.

It’s kind of hard to predict what problem you run into with any information, but all you can do is master the techniques to best prepare yourself. I beg you when I start teaching you memory techniques practice with useless information. I’m going to explain to you how you would practice with useless information so you’re not completely lost. I know the whole idea may seem weird but believe me, it will help you out so much down the road! If you want to learn more memory techniques, get your free memory program: