Why You Need To Believe In Memory Techniques

How does believing in memory techniques change anything? Well when I first started out, it took me 30 minutes to memorize a deck of cards. Later, I broke the USA record for memorizing a deck of cards in 60 seconds. So that’s a long way to get to that point. But for my very first competition, I was training for the USA Memory Championship. I had only three months to train, so I was kind of nervous because other people might have been training for a year or two years, but I was still going to do my best.


I wanted to leave everything I had out there at the competition. One event I wanted to do well in for sure was the speeds card event. You have to memorizing a deck of cards as fast as possible. But I couldn’t memorize a deck faster than 2 mins and 30 secs. This was the barrier I was facing. Every trial of memorizing cards put me closer to breaking the barrier, but I can’t even recall how many times I tried and just failed. It seemed like it was impossible. Then one day when I tried to memorize a deck of cards and couldn’t do, I was like, okay, this is dumb.


I’m done. I had been training so hard and so much, but I still can’t break the 2 mins and 30 secs barrier. What is going on? I’m like, okay, what’s happening? I thought maybe memory techniques don’t work, and I got lucky up until this point. Memory techniques were just completely BS. Maybe memory techniques can help improve your memory, but then you’ll reach some sort of limit, and you can’t improve anymore. My limit was a little bit over 2 mins and 30 secs.

So I was simply giving up on using memory techniques because I could not break that barrier. That’s how much it was getting to me which showed how important it was for me to break the 2 mins and 30 secs barrier. Then I was like Johnny you need to relax and stop training for the day. The next day I got ready to train when I looked at my training log. I noticed something looking at all my trials for cards in the log. At one point, I was memorizing a deck of cards in 5 minutes, and now I was at just a bit over 2 mins and 30 secs.

This is when I realized memory techniques have gotten me this far, so I know I can break the barrier! I did a trial of cards and the time I had was 2 mins and 29 secs, but I still had to recall the cards perfectly for the trial to count. During recall, I was getting nervous because when I was flipping the cards over to see if they matched up, I kept thinking what if the cards didn’t matched! One mistake means that the whole trial was a failure. I flipped over the last cards of the decks…. they matched up! I slapped my desk because i just broke 2 mins and 30 secs!?

Memory techniques worked even though I had some setbacks here and there. You have to realize that you will also have setbacks like you can’t recall some images or having trouble coming up with images. You just need to troubleshoot what is happening then find a solution by going back to the 3 keys to memory. But do keep in mind that you might have an off day and need to take the day off.

Memory techniques do work and you have to believe in them. Let me tell you this: someone who is using memory techniques can memorize a deck of cards in under 15 seconds!! I challenge you to try to do that without any memory techniques and tell me how you do. Still have any doubt that memory techniques work? If you want to learn more memory techniques, get your free memory program: https://learntoimprovememory.com/free-mini-memory-program

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