Remember Information Easily With The 1st Key To Memory


There are three keys to improving your memory. And that’s because these keys are the foundation to how memory techniques work. The first most important key imagination. Most of the information you learn is pretty boring because it consist of numbers, words, and even symbols. There isn’t too much fun going on there! Also, the material itself can be extremely boring which makes it hard to learn in the first place.

But let me ask you: when I say 93 , what comes to your mind? Chances are you probably just think of the number 93. What comes to your mind when I say Big Bird? Hopefully, you think of a big yellow bird that totally should live in a tree not on a street! Here is the thing… When I hear or see 93, Big Bird comes to my mind! Now, the reason I do that is because Big Bird is more memorable than 93, right?

You and everyone would probably agree. Big Bird is more memorable than 93 but why is that? Well, humans are better at remembering images then abstract information, like numbers, words, letters, or symbols. So what you’re gonna do from now on is change information into images, and then you’re going to remember the images instead of the actual piece of information.


Because if you could remember your image that you create for the information, then you will be able to decode the images back into the information. But what exactly do you do after you create the image for the piece of information? Well, that’s where the next key comes into play. If you want to learn more memory techniques, get your free memory program: