Know Exactly Where You Store Information With The 2nd Key To Memory

When you learn information, do you know exactly where you store that information in your memory? Most people have no clue because when you learn information, you’re just tossing information into your memory. It’s disorganized and random which is the main reason you can’t recall or find the information you need. There is one simple key you can use to help you know exactly where you stored the information: Location.


A location is any place you can mentally picture in your mind. So it could be your bed closet, picture in the hall, or a tub. What a location acts like is a folder on a computer. Say you’re writing a paper and have to go do something. You’re going to save that paper to a folder like history class. Later in the day at night, you come home and remember you have to finish the paper.

You know exactly where it is because you place it in the folder labeled history class. So you click the folder, and the paper is right there! A location works the same way but for your mind. After you change the information into into images, you place the images into a location and create a story. Then when you need to recall the information, all you have to do is think of the location which is going to trigger your story.


The story is made up of the images and after you have your images, you can change it back into the original information information. Locations are going to make it so much easier to recall information, but the last key to memory ties everything together and without it the 1st and 2nd keys don’t work. If you want to learn more memory techniques, get your free memory program:

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