You Can’t Learn Just One Memory Technique

There is not a golden memory technique you can learn that will allow you to memorize/learn any information. What you have to do is learn as many memory techniques as possible so you are prepared for anything you come across. Focusing on one memory technique will only cause you problems! A lot of people like to stick to one memory technique because they think that’s the best memory technique ever so why learn other ones. An example is the memory palace method but that’s a completely different topic for a completely different post haha

Now you might be thinking that if you really practice one memory technique, you’ll get really good at it. Well, yes, that is true but just because it doesn’t mean it’s the best technique to use when you’re learning specific information. Using other memory techniques can make learning the information a lot easier.

Let’s say you are trying to learn the periodic table of elements, and all you have is the story method. You use the story method to memorize information, but it takes you 10 hours. While if you would have used a memory palace, your number system ,and all these other memory techniques to learn the periodic table of elements, it would have taken only two hours. You could learn the material five times faster when using all these other techniques compared to using only one.


It is true that you will take more time practicing these other techniques, but you end up more well rounded when it comes to memory techniques. You don’t just want to have one memory technique in your toolbox because maybe one day, you can’t use the techniques at all. Guess what? You’re are stuck and can’t move forward learning. More techniques in your memory toolbox is the key to making learning more effective, easier, and efficient!

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