How To Memorize Names With Image To Face Method

How many times have you forget names of people you just met? Don’t worry anymore! You are going to learn one of a few methods I use to memorize names which allow me to memorize 27 names in 1 minute! You can achieve the same thing if you are willing to put in some practice.

When you meet somebody, there’s usually a characteristic on their face that stands out to you like maybe their eyes, ears, nose, or eyebrows. The first step is to pick a characteristic that stands out to you and make a note of it. The second step is to change their name into an image of some sort that sounds similar to the name, so it is easier to remember the name. The third step is to connect the image to the characteristic and create a little story.


Here is an example: Let’s say you meet somebody, and she has a bigger nose. The nose is the characteristic you use. Step one. Her name is Julie. So you wanted to change Julie into an image of some sort. So Julie kind of sounds like jewels. So that’s step two, right? Now step three is attaching the image and the characteristic together. You see Julie and start shoving jewels up her nose! Now when you see Julie later, and this is a process that happens.

You see her and think, “I know this person. Wait her nose. Oh yeah, I was shoving jewels up her nose. That’s right. Jewels. Julie! Her name is Julie.” Now you can go talk her and get her attention by saying her name. Isn’t it amazing how this simple method allows me to memorize 27 names at one minute! Isn’t that insane!? But of course that comes with practice. Now you have a fun way to memorize people’s names, but never tell anyone what you pictured further name because they might not be too happy haha

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